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House numbers and parcels may change as well. Early San Jose directories include other cities in the area; the City Directories Index will help you determine coverage. An index key at the front of each directory will give you valuable information in deciphering symbols and abbreviations. In some of the older directories, occupation and ownership of property is listed.

See our City Directories page for more information on how to use this resource. They are useful for finding out who lived in your house after when the City Directories cease publication. They can also be used for cities and unincorporated areas outside San Jose. The California Room has San Jose building permits on microfilm. History San Jose has San Jose building permits to s.

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These records can help determine ownership of a specific piece of property in Santa Clara County. The amount paid in taxes is NOT listed for every year held. The A-Z index can be helpful if you are not sure of spelling. Such structures would receive careful scrutiny during land use and development planning. Each edition lists historic landmarks and buildings by community with brief descriptions and black and white photographs for a few.

The edition includes archeological sites and maps. Those properties deemed historic are listed in this volume accompanied by their historic evaluation worksheet. The odds are small, but if someone has already done an historic evaluation of your property it will save you much time and effort. Each structure chosen was given an architectural and historical evaluation.

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A photograph was also taken. The California Room has a copy of this five volume survey. This visual inventory is on site in the California Room. Sanborn Maps covering cities in California, are available online with your library card. Original Sanborn Maps covering the City of San Jose for , , , , and are available for viewing during California Room open hours. The appearance of your house in an old Sanborn Map can give a clue to its age, as well as it original architectural outline and the location of any outbuildings. The maps do not indicate if a structure is present, but they do allow you to find a name associated with a piece of property at a very early date.

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Note: The SJPD only releases police reports to defendants or the individuals named in the report , insurance agents, authorized representatives of the person s named in the report and government officials. The California Department of Justice maintains a searchable online website that provides information on registered serious and high-risk sex offenders. It also provides zip codes based on the last address.

The Department of Correction for the County of Santa Clara maintains records on inmates, the location of correctional inmate facilities, and daily population statistics. It also provides access to an online web application that interested parties can use to search for inmate booking information. However, not all court records are open to the public. The court restricts access to sensitive court files such as criminal history information, medical information, probation reports, protective orders for domestic violence and any document that lists the name, phone number or address of a victim.

To obtain a copy of a court record, applicants must have the case number.

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Requesters who already have a case number, can obtain a court document by writing an application, stating the full name of the document, name of the defendant, case number. The letter should also specify whether the request is for a certified copy. Mailed requests should be sent in a self-addressed stamped envelope with a check made out the Clerk of the Superior Court. The City of San Jose does not manage divorce, birth, marriage or death records. Instead, divorce records are managed by the Santa Clara County Superior Court , while the Santa Clara County manages birth, death, and marriage certificates.

Residents of San Jose can obtain copies of divorce records in person or by mail.

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To request for divorce documents directly, visit the courthouse located at N. To get copies of divorce records through the mail, download and complete a family records request form and mail the request to:. Individuals must fill out their name, mailing address, and the case number if known.

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Requests must also be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage and a check made payable to the Superior Court. This typically occurs when requestors fail to provide a case number. The Santa Clara County Clerk-Recorder's Office maintains birth and death records that have occurred in the county since It provides two types of birth copies on request: certified authorized copies and certified information copies.

To obtain a certified authorized copy of a birth certificate, requesters must provide a notarized sworn statement declaring legally authorized to receive one.