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We are trying to help you out over here. Drug trafficking and number two money laundering, okay?

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Turning to the camera, Captain Stevens says: 'So folks these are scam callers. Don't ever give out your information, don't ever verify your information if they have it. They're all scammers. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Share this article Share. Comments Share what you think. View all.

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The check was a distribution from his k , so it had two bank names on top. He was on his way home from the gym, still wearing his workout clothes, and the bank was in Cobb County. Crump lets it go. But after a few minutes, the executive suddenly pops out an answer. I was terrified. Because, the day before, I watched the Sandra Bland movie. And I just kept thinking, This is how it happens.

This is how it happens. Nobody knew where he was. But the hardest part was losing his voice. From the time he walked into the bank to the moment he got out of jail, nobody would listen to anything he said. The truth, Crump admits, is that the bank would settle this case in a heartbeat. But the executive could also choose not to settle.

The executive mulls it over. Five years ago, sitting in the lobby of a hotel in St. Louis, I asked Crump why he became a lawyer. It was the day of Michael Brown Jr. Then you can go to school. So she cleaned hotel rooms and worked in the tobacco fields. Many of his stories centered on the railroad tracks that ran through the middle of Lumberton.

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The white people lived north of them, the black people on the south side. The only hospital was on the north side, the only library was on the north side. But when he was going into fifth grade, his mother told him the white kids and the black kids were going to start going to school together because of a lawyer named Thurgood Marshall and a case called Brown v. Board of Education. September came and the school bus took them across the tracks. My mother would have had to work a whole week — maybe two weeks — to get a hundred-dollar bill. Then the city issued a rule that all football players had to have a phone at home.

By the time he left that town, at 13, Crump knew what he wanted to do. And we walked out of there with the deal done. Even better, Florida shut down all its teen boot camps. But seven guards had beaten Anderson for more than 30 minutes, then held him down and forced him to inhale ammonia until he suffocated. Still, the coroner said he died from a blood disorder. But the killing goes on. The Trayvon Martin case set the pattern for everything that Crump is doing today. The family heard about him through a relative, a Florida lawyer who had followed his career.

He showed up within days of the shooting and brought on a local lawyer and a publicity specialist, and soon protests started bubbling up across the state. Grieving relatives began calling Crump from all over the country — he says he gets as many as 50 calls a day now — and he became a fixture on TV news. We try to disturb. Last fall, he started his own production company, which is now making two documentary series for Netflix.

This strategy of showmanship and vilification worries even some who are sympathetic to the cause. This is the schedule he gives me:. Sunday: Tallahassee. Going to church with his wife and daughter. Monday: Birmingham. Tuesday: Little Rock. Wednesday: Sacramento. Thursday: Atlanta.

Whether you can sue for emotional distress caused by law enforcement depends on the circumstances.

And Tallahassee, to get some clothes and attend a protest at city hall for the right of felons to vote, which the citizens of Florida restored in a referendum the Republican legislature is trying to reverse. Friday: Memphis. Giving a speech to a group of black law students. Saturday: Lumberton. Gathering evidence for a lawsuit against the international conglomerate that owns the railroad tracks. Also, Chapel Hill, to —. I stop him there. Crump rushed up from Tallahassee in a panic. Uncle Jesse was going through chemotherapy, and he had diabetes, too; how was he going to survive a flood?

When he finally pulled up to the house, he saw his uncle crying in the street, his home destroyed by a wall of water six feet high. After that, the city started planning a flood-control system, but CSX refused to attend the meetings. Two years later, as Hurricane Florence started roaring up the coast, the city tried to organize a sandbag brigade, but CSX refused to give it permission to step on its land.

The governor finally issued an emergency order for CSX to back down, but by then the rain was already falling. His friends and relatives have scattered, and the life he built is gone forever.

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Crump is its Grand Counselor. He was the president of the National Bar Association. The high moral purpose he projects draws more people to his cause. Why did Al Sharpton show up at Ferguson?

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In Tallahassee at Sunday dinner, I sit next to his mother. When her son was in fourth grade, she says, he sent a letter informing the president of the United States of the racial divisions in Lumberton. Even the schools were fancier on the north side, he said, with big American flags flying outside.

Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

Would Carter please give his school an American flag? Carter sent the flag. And oh, how her son loved the microphone, she says. When Crump drops her off at home, they stop in front of a picture of a dark woman with a face like a gravestone. Tell the story about the newspaper, she says. He learned about Mother Teresa and Margaret Thatcher, the fights over affirmative action and the war in Iran.

That showed him there was a world beyond Lumberton. After kissing his mother goodbye, Crump hurries to his office to go over his pending cases with his new partner, Scott Carruthers — two years ago, Carruthers approached Crump and Parks with the idea of starting a national firm.

Crump wanted to do it and Parks did not. They start with the Stephon Clark case in Sacramento. Yes, the attorney general took the Bradford case out of the hands of the black district attorney and black mayor, whose city has a majority-black population. And yes, this is the same attorney general who once sued the previous black mayor for covering a Confederate monument. But Crump sees hope in that. In the Laquan McDonald case in Chicago, the DA kept the video under wraps for more than a year because one look was enough to tell you the officer was guilty of coldblooded murder — he shot a year-old 16 times while he was walking away.

If the AG keeps stonewalling, and Crump raises enough of a public outcry, he might get the video the DA in Birmingham showed him of the killer fist-bumping with his partner over E. As the meeting ends, Crump brings up a new case. Can you meet with me for 30 minutes? She wanted those pictures. Harvard refused to give them to her. Monday morning, Crump flies to Birmingham for his press conference with the Bradford family. One TV crew shows up. The video is the video is the video. The hatred they saw on social media enrages them too.

Taken in isolation, the death of their son had a familiar Rorschach-test quality. Shots rang out in the mall in Hoover, the richest and whitest suburb of Birmingham. Two people were wounded, and the policeman saw him with a gun in his hand and made what some people would consider the obvious assumption. This argument enrages E. He refuses to release the name of the officer who fired the shots. And the mall reopened the next day. A storm front is heading south, one so large the airport might have to close. Instead of canceling his meeting in Little Rock and hunkering down in a nice hotel, Crump recruits the nearest person with a car.

He wants to drive to Atlanta and catch a plane there. When I tell him that if I were a cop who saw a kid running through a crowded mall with a gun in his hand seconds after a shooting, I probably would have shot him too, he fires off an indignant rebuttal. Police officers killed Tamir Rice within seconds of seeing him with a gun, just like Bradford, then we find out he was 12 years old and the gun was just a toy, and they still get off. Dylann Roof goes into a black church and kills nine people, and they bring him Burger King.

His phone rings.

Then he gets down to business. Hanging up, he launches back into his litany of wrongful deaths. If you consider the radical racial disparity in drug convictions in America, his point is unassailable. But if you look at the specifics of each crime, the Rorschach test kicks in — is this particular police officer guilty? His phone rings again. When he hangs up, he tells me about a call he just got from a new pair of grieving parents. Their son was a college student in Maryland.