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It began to spread in the s and by the late '40s was a common source of entertainment. Today, stock car racing is a well-governed sport. It continues to grow in popularity, and roughly 40 percent of its fan base is now female [source: Wise ].

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Not many professional sports can claim that women make up almost half of their audience. Stock car racing was originally a competition between cars that hadn't been altered from their original factory build. But as times changed and technology advanced, the sport evolved.

The latter two names can also characterize motorcycle racing, so if you want to narrow your search, do not use them. Because of the growing popularity of auto racing in the United States and throughout the world, sites devoted to some aspect of the history of this sport are plentiful. But everyday people who have a passion for the sport create the great majority of these sites, and as a result, there are a lot of issues with legitimacy. So certainly do not be afraid to peruse these potentially rich sources, but pay attention to who the source is. Not every site listed on its "Links" page is worth your time, but if you are looking for a wide variety of choices, this is the place to go.

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The Discovery Channel offers this quick guide to the different kinds of auto racing. Dulcinea's Picks For general auto racing history The exhibit is a great place to begin learning about the history of American auto racing.

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The site consists of drawings and photos to accompany the history, starting with the birth of racing in Europe and continuing to the present day, when there are races involving fuel-efficient vehicles. The general Grand Prix history section details the formation of auto racing and particularly GP racing in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand manner.

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The site lists 26 Grand Prix Hall of Famers, each with a concise history and numerous photos. The site is a bit disorganized but it contains troves of very interesting information that you probably won't find anywhere else.

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However, all of the information may not be percent accurate as the foreword by Doug Nye warns , so be careful with your analysis of the details. Plenty of photographs help to round out the information. There's a decade-by-decade recount of stock car history, a section dedicated to great races, a year-by-year compilation of articles for the Daytona , an assemblage of passages on the 50 greatest drivers, a section on past champions, and a feature on the evolution of the stock car.

The site's goal is to create a community for female NASCAR fans throughout the country, but this history is quite useful for fans of any gender.

How Prohibition Gave Birth to NASCAR

The Indianapolis Star offers this interesting and helpful history of the Indianapolis The site describes the origins of the track and its decline during the Depression and World War II, feuds, famous families, and bios. There is even a list of deaths at the racetrack, including racers, mechanics, and spectators. Auto Racing Organizations With such a large variety of auto racing in the world, there are numerous organizations. Fantasy Auto Racing When it comes to fantasy sports, auto racing frequently takes a back seat to sports like football, How to Learn and Improve at Auto Racing Whether you want to learn the tricks the pros use or you simply have a need to go fast, the Auto Racing Equipment, Apparel, and Memorabilia If you're going to race, you don't want to be without your fire-resistant underwear.