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It actually makes sense that your state ID number would be blank on your W-2, if your home state is Texas.

That's for the very simple reason that as I'm certain you are already aware Texas has no personal income tax system. Nevertheless, because of the security and error-checking features in the TurboTax software, and because of IRS requirements for e-filing, this can pose a problem.

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That should be an acceptable value, although you may need to remove the dash, such that becomes If that doesn't work, then please read through an answer that I wrote for someone else with a similar difficulty, and some of the proposed solutions for them. The clickable link to that post is copied below:. Use of words tied to education such as but not limited to "College," "School" and "Seminary" cannot be used without approval from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

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  5. Your Guide to Registering for a Sales Tax Permit in Texas?

The information required in the formation document varies by state. The Texas requirements include:.

Texas Secretary of State

Texas allows professionals, such as accountants, attorneys and physicians, to form a professional limited liability company PLLC. After forming a limited liability company LLC , you must undertake certain steps on an ongoing basis to keep your business in compliance. These steps are also important in preserving the limited liability an LLC provides its owner s. This guide outlines the ongoing requirements for Texas LLCs.

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  • View the following additional resources BizFilings has for forming and maintaining companies in Texas:. Start your business with confidence.

    We offer various incorporation packages to get your business up and running. Share This. Texas LLC Requirements. BizFilings offers three incorporation service packages from which you can choose. State fee for standard turn-around.

    Uses of the EIN

    Our pricing clearly shows the state fee to incorporate in Texas with standard turn-around. Expedited turn-around. You will see the BizFilings and state fee, if any, for expedited turn-around. Texas has a hour filing option, which is outlined in our pricing. Certified copy. Our pricing also clearly displays the BizFilings and state fee, if any, for issuing a Certified Copy of the Certificate of Formation. Residence requirements.

    Four Main Business Requirements for a Business to Legally Operate in Houston

    If you want to receive your EIN quickly and easily, the best choice is to complete the online form. By mail, it could take up to four weeks for processing, while faxing the application can delay your EIN assignment by four days. To complete the online form, you are required to answer some questions to identify your firm as a business entity to the IRS for tax purposes. After which, you can save, download, and print out your EIN, along with a confirmation letter. You can do so by calling the IRS at Also, the state where your LLC originated does not alter the online form significantly because it is a federal process, which is not state-specific.

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    • What Is the Texas Tax ID?.
    • The Texas Tax ID is a unique number assigned to businesses by the state. If you do not have your EIN, you can still apply for a Texas sales and use tax permit. Until you receive your federal Employer Identification Number, the comptroller's office will only be able to issue a license with a temporary number.