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Komikser appealed to a comics-literate readership in the West European mold. The pieces varied from Lenin parodies to fairy tale parodies to autobiography, but they all assumed a level of sophistication in the reader hitherto rarely observed in Russian comics publications. The final turn-of-the-century komiks publisher I will examine cast the widest net in terms of audience appeal and arguably bottled a workable formula—though in the end it too fell victim to another hazard of the post-Soviet marketplace.

Original ones. And with stories that will interest only us! His rhetoric also tended toward a heady mix of messianism, populism, nationalism, and hedonism: We want to put into circulation characters of mass culture. So as to create on the societal level an intense emotional exchange. We absolutely need them, these characters, and the ones we do have we can count on one hand.

As for comics, we need to produce them by the thousands. I am creating an absolutely mass product. We have a social obligation to give the people what they need. And what brings them pleasure. Foreign licensed products have that drive. One could imagine the nouveau riche or those aspiring to join them buying something like this for their kids. Cracking open the pages of Nesmeiana, those kids would find a world very similar to what they were already seeing on television, in advertisements, at school.

Still, she always does the right thing and retains her heartland faith in people—until they cross the line. She urgently needs a model for an ad campaign. Crystallizing the chief values in vogue, Adelle shoots Nesmeiana in a bikini, sprawled on a pile of money. Message received. For all that, the heroine never utters a cynical or disrespectful word to anyone; she only lies and uses violence when needed, so as to escape confinement and catch the back-stabbing Adelle.

But when she acts, Nesmeiana does so swiftly and remorselessly. Like her fairy tale namesake, a princess who never smiles, she is resolute, principled, and poker-faced and an undercover secret service agent, to boot. He even knows what the title would be: Sister. But the journal loves to skewer Americans most of all; tired of competing with them, the pop stars hatch a plan to kidnap Pritney Poops i.

If anything, the slicker package only made them more despicable for some. Note the vaguely xenophobic, even racist imagery, the approach of some overseas menace, its roots seeping into Russian soil, spreading urban decay. Rather, he does the medium the service, for the first time in the Russian language, of subjecting it to a rigorous but balanced aesthetic critique. One hundred years of comics the ninth art! Like the anecdote, the television, or other popular media, comics relies on and perpetuates stereotyped representations of reality.

Comics simply reflected—to recite Herbert Marcuse—the demolition of multi-dimensional man and his transition to one-dimensional man, his psychological diminution to a few simple desires. But his exposition on the subject must have made at least a few think twice about this shadowy corner of Russian culture. All the same, as pointed out by Zaslavsky, to this day most discussions of the genre in Russia are held in almost total ignorance of its history, aesthetics, and acceptance even veneration in other parts of the world.

With this in mind, in the journal Narodnoe obrazovanie National Education organized a roundtable of educators, child experts, literary critics, and publishers to discuss the current state of comics in Russia. By and large this has to do with the newness and still-exotic aura of post-Soviet comics, the most popular of which remained Western imports of such well-known personages as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Spiderman. It is a subcultural niche that is forming before our eyes.

And it cannot be ignored. Moreover, we must not underestimate the potential of comics. It is well known that comics are actively being used in advertising. Why do advertisers like comics? What sort of information it is is another matter. For now, comics are saturated with light, entertaining information. And their influence applies primarily to the consciousness of those who are not accustomed to or fond of reading books.

Maksimova: 77—78 The more skeptical pronouncements on the genre came from the editor and pedagogue Alexander Kniazhitsky of the Moscow Institute of Open Education, who singled out imported Western comics for their potentially harmful effect on the young: It seems to me that comics, like any other mass-art phenomenon, often discredit themselves.

They are guilty of bad taste, and they refute themselves merely by virtue of their execution. Also, insofar as comics in Russia are a new phenomenon, by definition they cannot yet be good. Only that which is well-understood and assimilated can be good. Comics in Russia are not yet understood, Historical Background and are even farther from being assimilated. There are no traditions, schools, or internationally recognized artists. There are not enough real professionals, much less geniuses. It is still premature to speak of an actual comics industry. We do not yet have a sense of the direction in which Russian comics will develop.

To speak about comics as a threat to the spiritual and mental world of children, or to national security, only underscores the fact that something is not right in our system of education. That children are retreating from the real world into comics, computers, etc. If a child prefers a pile of comics to actual interaction with teachers and parents, it is not the comics that are at issue, but the teachers and parents, who cannot or do not want to find a common language with the child.

Maksimova: 81 As these excerpts show, the roundtable discussion reflected a level of respect for comics whether in a positive or negative sense nothing short of remarkable, given historical treatments of the topic in Russia. One of the participants, Natalia Markova, withdrew from the roundtable under awkward circumstances. In preparation for the roundtable, Markova submitted a draft of her comments, which the organizers felt compelled to show the other panel members for their review. The respondents, including Zaslavsky, faulted the draft for its historical inaccuracies and poor arguments.

The center also has a history of condemning the mass media for their destructive effect on families and tends to see the hand of the West behind what it considers harmful influences on Russian children e. Can any such specialists be found? Just a year ago we had two comics publishers [sic], and now we have 15 [sic]. A Guild of Comics Publishers has instantaneously formed.

Before they could even blink their eyes, there appeared the first comics festival in Russia: KomMissia, where they gathered all the Russian artists who have even the tiniest bit to do with comics. Given that our market inert when it comes to comics promised no advances, who provided the money for these expensive events? Who brought the artists together? Our roundtable, incidentally, is also to a certain extent popularizing comics. Practically all the comics advertised on the internet are American product, made in the destructive style of the s.

What are Russian comics? Alas, they are Russian only in language. Markova concludes her four-and-a-half-page screed with the assertion that comics unfailingly lead to The cultivation of criminal behavior. The cultivation of sexual perversion. The discrediting of classical literature. The substitution of real historical facts by false ones. What can we do? In my view, we have a great opportunity to expose, stop, boycott.

We must call upon parents not to buy new comics. The bestial comics are fatally dangerous for the spiritual and physical health of the nation. It was perhaps inevitable: a Dimych and Timych backlash. But what makes this episode more than a laughing matter is that Markova is not some fringe figure; she represents a sizable constituency and runs a major scientific center funded by the government. This is why what happened next turned the incident into a real fiasco. Why are you all talking like that. Am I right? Things got worse. For Markova the theft of the letter, the coarseness of the comments, and the missive from Mr.

This demonstrates the seamy criminal underside of the new comics. Furthermore, this now concerns my own personal safety! I am forced to turn to the proper authorities. A clash of civilizations, truly decades in the making. The near opposite of Yeltsin, who was rumored to have gone through bouts of depression and binge drinking, Putin was all business: a tee-totaler, a Judo enthusiast, and a man of action.

As government coffers swelled with oil money, citizens enjoyed a rising standard of living, especially in the cities. Such was the master narrative. The nation was Westernizing but also falling back on its superpower habits. Though it occurred in the echo chambers of academia and online forums, the Markova case to some extent betrays the reactionary, quasi-Soviet biases of the Putin era. Comics primarily appeared, much as they had in the Perestroika era, in threeto-four-page stories in journals.

Only now those journals had a much wider ambit,33 appealing to gamers, skateboarders, and other youth groups, as well as to an emerging base of comics fans. In this sense, comics were part of a much larger process of neoliberal mass-culture globalization. But by , the paper-and-ink version of komiks, in a very real sense, was simply not where the action was anymore.

As the Markova affair also made plain, a new agent had entered the field, whose effect would transform the medium in Russia: the Internet. Here the reader could find not only stories to suit every taste crude genre material, humor, erotica, Manga, photocomics, flash comics, Christian, literary adaptations, KOM-era material , but also reportage, news updates, work solicitations, interviews, and, critically, an interactive forum.

Komiksolyot was one of the first venues to publish work in a relatively new genre, Cyberpunk. Ayoshin also did the right thing. In a significant gesture, he flouted the rampant piracy of intellectual property in Russia by obtaining publication rights from each creator. Komiksolyot also proved a useful resource for those who make and study komiks.

Finally, the site played a vital role, especially for those outside Moscow and St. Petersburg, in creating and shaping the modern komiks community—which is primarily Internet based. These contacts led to meet-ups, trade associations, arts collectives, festivals. The problem, however, is that in too many ways, the Internet is Russian comics. Alas, the Web giveth, the Web taketh away. With so much free content on the Internet, print publishers proved even more reluctant to finance large-scale projects or series, and continued to cede much of the domestic market to foreign translations of Marvel and Disney.

He feels no need to revive or update the site, as many others devoted to komiks have followed in its wake: comics. The year saw the launch of an important new Web journal devoted to comics, the Chedrik Chronicles Khroniki Chedrika , under editor Alexander Kunin. Toward this, GIK outlined a strategy based on mutual cooperation to create a market for comics in Russia, improve their image, and establish the genre as an independent product for consumers of literature. This was an important first step in the establishment of an industry. Over eighty artists took part in exhibitions and competed for prizes, GIK publishers41 presented their wares, several journals served as sponsors, and press coverage was good.


No event of this magnitude had taken place in Russia since the KOM presentation of , and this event exceeded its predecessor by every measure. KomMissia was the brainchild of Pavel Sukhikh a. The cover to the KomMissia Festival catalog. Comics in Russia have stopped being an overseas wonder, like eggplant caviar. The festival became a regular event of the spring arts season, receiving heavy press coverage. The festival gained extra notoriety among Russians due to the participation of the renowned writer and playwright Lyudmilla Petrushevskaya in and And though visitors came to the event from as far away as the Russian Far East, Khikhus sought to bring KomMissia to the provinces, through tours of the prize-winning competition works46 to St.

Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Novosibirsk, Yakutsk, and Khabarovsk. Finally, in a country with vast gaps in its comics knowledge, Khikhus and his staff envisioned an important educational role for KomMissia. To that end, KomMissia organized lectures, workshops, film screenings, and master classes by both local talent and international experts. KomMissia had a galvanizing effect: November saw the launching of the Ninth World Festival in Kiev, Ukraine, the first event of its kind devoted to comics there48; and a second major komiks festival, Boomfest, debuted in St.

Petersburg in September Like Zaslavsky, he knew the American comics industry and fan culture, but belonged to a younger, post-Soviet generation for whom its products—via the Internet—were far more accessible, if not always understood. Well versed in McCloud and Eisner, and peppering his talk with references to Western works like Maus, The Authority and Poison Elves all of which remain untranslated into Russian, at least legally , Xatchett tried to bring the crowd to a more sophisticated, theoretically-grounded understanding of comics, at one point relating the form to the work of Kazimir Malevich.

This could mean that if a character is using a pistol, the komiksist might just have to learn everything about that pistol, and reproduce it with unimpeachable accuracy, down to the model and caliber. He cited the manga artist Akihiro Ito as the paradigm for such a detail-driven approach. Khikhus at the KomMissia festival. They made no mention of Soviet komiksisty like Kabakov, Sysoev, and Litichevsky, who had done the same thing twenty years or more before, or Ilya Kitup, who was doing it in the early s.

He has this right in his hands. Therefore, dear esteemed artists, scriptwriters and simply those not indifferent to the fate of Russian comics, we urge you: publish your work yourselves. Let people read you, see you, discuss you, curse you and praise you. But every year its results proved disappointing. At this KomMissia in particular, practically no one was buying samizdat. As a result, out of copies of my collection Blabber at the Bar Counter Tryop za barnoi stoikoi , the first day of the festival I sold 12, and the second I sold four.

The rest remained the personal property of the author, and more than likely, will little by little be given away. Repyov went on to say that others did suffer real economic pain from printing too many copies, or expensive copies that were of very high quality, only to see them go unbought.

Cutting the price, selling at cost, sweet-talking passersby, begging, nothing seemed to work. The ones who invested the greatest care and resources into their works got burned the most. Knowing his audience, he did not pick that model at random. Manga decisively entered the Russian cultural scene by the late s, its popularity especially among the young fueled by televised anime such as the Pokemon series and—as with Russian comics in general—the rise of the Internet. At the first KomMissia in , Snegirov noticed some examples of manga in the exhibit.

But he was shocked just two years later at how completely the manga style had established itself in Russian comics culture. The Japanese manga-ka Hayami Rasenjin attended and gave a lecture for the second year in a row. Aside from innumerable Web sites, the sweeping interest in manga and anime has taken nonvirtual form in clubs throughout the country, where as in other parts of the world young people congregate to discuss Japanese culture, show off their latest work, study the Japanese language, watch films, and practice martial arts.

Ma, formed in Konstantin Dubkov, a mangaka from the provincial city of Yekaterinburg, helped organize one of two such clubs there, with up to members. Each two-hundred-page, small format volume comes complete with omake explaining Japanese vocabulary, suffixes in names, and terms of address; the history of Japanese manga; biographical information on the author; and other useful cultural information.

Meanwhile, Egmont Russia had been publishing the Italian manga journal W. As for Russian comics, the Moscow-based Edvans Press began publishing a manga journal for young girls, Yula, in The popular Bogdan published Nika, the first Russian manga series, in the journal Klassnij Zhurnal in He temporarily succeeds, transforming Moscow into a medieval nightmare of gothic architecture and gargoyles.

Also, unlike most manga, Nika is colored on computer, and at only thirty-three pages, volume one is far shorter than the typical Japanese product. Finally, this and subsequent episodes underscore that Bogdan takes only the style and grammar of manga for his epic; the sensibility, literary flair, culturemes, and ethnicity of characters in the work is decidedly un-Japanese. Nika is a Russian adult fairy tale in a manga bottle. Other Russian manga-ka take a different approach, reproducing not only the style but the racial identity of Japanese pop culture, while playing with the formulae in other ways.

So Russian comics is very eclectic. Certainly komiks have primarily been used to tell stories, but quite often they have done so exclusive through sequential pictorial imagery. Wordless komiks appear too often to discount as anomalies. Nouvelles Graphiques artists from St. If you have nothing to say, go to a museum, paint. But if you want to be a komiksist, be so nice as to come up with a story. Or do your own adaptation of a literary classic.

Show your unique vision of a plot that everyone already knows. This leads to an emphasis on humorous or anecdotal pieces in an episodic vein. Many artists use devices such as Wacom tablets and computer lettering software to create slick genre material, including erotica, science fiction, and action adventure for the rare publisher who will put it in print.

Furthermore, the vast majority of Russian comics studiously avoid political commentary, and there seem to be very few komiksisty doing autobiographical work. It all tends to look overdone, overproduced, flashy. They just love to push all the buttons, try everything at once. Some of the more adept komiksisty embrace the U. Alexei Lipatov sends-up superheroes in his Stalin vs. Hitler , a demented recreation of World War II which cannot be appreciated without a thorough absorption of both generic conventions spawned by Bronze Age Marvel Comics and twentiethcentury Soviet history.

Another parodist, Alexander Remizov, delights in puncturing the pretensions and illogic of American genre films by injecting them with a dose of Russo-Soviet realia. Paul Verhoeven, It shows Quaid Arnold Schwarzenegger , the hero trying to remember his past, eluding his pursuers, until he stumbles on some drunks. The next several panels show a bleary and unshaven Quaid waking up at the landing to his apartment, before his houserobed wife. Modern Russian comics, then, are typically short, humorous narratives produced or processed on computer, with allusions to American or Japanese pop culture, usually irreverent; occasionally they will allude to Russo-Soviet history with the same sardonic sneer.

And yet, this narrows the compass of comics much too severely. It essentially affirms the old specious link between komiks and humor. And it leaves little room for works that steer clear of humor and irony altogether. These shelves, though still disorganized, already hold a pretty representative selection of comics, BD and manga. Taking all this into account, in a couple of years these shelves will turn into full-scale store sections. In countless interviews before a mass media hungry for the exotic, he appears as the dreadlocked, goateed, smiling figurehead of a growing movement on the cusp of breaking out into a full-fledged industry.

Every year, with greater urgency and frustration the question hovers in the air: will a viable domestic industry ever come together, beyond some scattered publications, some annual festivals, and a plethora of Web sites? Worse, the explosion of komiks on the Web, through such venues as Komiksolyot, etc. While that description does fit a lot of young people in the urban centers, it leaves behind many more—millions more—who barely scrape by on the average national salary of dollars a month.

By komiks had become something not unlike eighteenth and early nineteenth-century Russian literature: an elite pastime of the connected, privileged, lettered, Western oriented, and relatively affluent, which left the masses in the cold. Almost all the comics market in Russia is product oriented to children or youth manga has made some inroads in recent years among young girls.

That fact underscores one of the main hurdles for domestic producers: they must compete against a well-financed arsenal of globally recognized brands; as happened throughout the s, they are routinely outgunned and outspent on advertising. Manga rights cost even less, about ten to twenty dollars Styshneva. The worst failure of this sort was suffered by Nitusov Press in Nitusov stayed committed right up until he went out of business.

This is one of the reasons Khikhus prefers to sell his own works over the Internet. The prices are very high. But those publications that contain little advertising live on sales. Comics belongs to the second category. The price is the same for all. So, comics end up having to compete not with each other, but with the glossies, Playboy, and the yellow press.

Similar problems crop up with nationwide distribution, which remains a nightmare in Russia. Still, Just You Wait! These were the longestlived domestic publications on the market in Just You Wait! Neither magazine strayed beyond the safe and predictable, but they were entirely Russian-made, reflecting a cultural specificity which the imported products could not match. They too followed a brand strategy, with established Russian properties. Zaslavsky is adamant that only by laying the groundwork for an industry today—based on competitive mainstream product—will Russian comics have a future beyond their current marginal status in the market and the culture.

The Russian fest, conversely, tries both to showcase what an industry would look like, Historical Background and also to fill the gap in domestic publications through its catalogs, anthologies, and exhibits. All this gives it a rather surreal Brigadoon-like quality. KomMissia is a showpiece in a void—the tip of the iceberg without the iceberg. In spite of the fact that Russia grows poorer and continues to crumble from day to day, such festive presentations are now widely fashionable.

The overwhelming majority of these businesses and associations collapse within several weeks or months, leaving no memory of themselves other than their dazzling presentation. Despite all this, of course, Russian komiksmeny, their publishers and readers harbor a profound devotion to this medium something I have witnessed myself — year after year, the party goes on, and everyone hopes for the best. There does, however, exist a KomMissia backlash. For some critics of the festival, it does nothing for komiks, and was never designed to do anything but benefit a select few.

And, yeah, this does get comics out there, it makes it into something cool, not childish. Of course, he attracts a lot of attention to himself. Ayoshin 84 Others, while not contemptuous of KomMissia, no longer have any faith in it as a catalyst for change. Its beginnings fell apart and came to nothing. Alaniz KomMissia does serve another valuable purpose besides promotion: its catalog and Web site serve as a publishing venue for many otherwise unknown artists from throughout the country—but here, too, there are complaints.

The four-page limit restricts those with ambitions toward longer narrative—the same problem they face in the magazines. The festival ameliorates this somewhat by linking its Web site to full-length versions of longer works. And of course, each comics festival only comes once a year. Those able to pool their resources, such as LMR, put out self-published anthologies and one-shots tied to book fairs or promotional events, such as The Trojan Rabbit part of the Territoriia Contemporary Art festival in Moscow and City Stories I , a bilingual joint project between Russian and Polish Historical Background 4.

While significant, well-made works, these all represent stopgap, unsatisfying alternatives to regular publication, their contribution toward an industry virtually nil. Tkalenko, with scriptwriter Elena Voronovich, made the most of the situation, releasing the dystopian series Bitch Sterva in ten- to twenty-page batches, which appeared in the LMR anthology, his personal Web site and whatever venue for long-form narratives he could find.

Xatchett and Bogdan prefer to laugh about their nonindustry in their ongoing strip and comics Skunk and Ocelot. With few reliable venues to publish, komiksisty turned to many nontraditional areas for work. Some projects involved online gaming, online porn, mobile phone content especially porn , and expensive erotic glossies such as Moulin Rouge. Some of the most lucrative jobs were for the advertising industry, whose interest in comics steadily rose in the s. Most advertisers tapping the form early on worked with foreign companies: Head and Shoulders, Tide, Konika, Dirol.

An especially elaborate Nike campaign gave out comics booklets made by LMR along with a line of backpacks. They knew the strategy was working when they saw customers holding on to the booklets rather than throwing them away, as they did with brochures. The campaign produced , booklets Styshneva. Vladimir Khotinenko, Vladimir Shchegolkov, These include comics commissioned by the wealthy for their children as birthday gifts and the like often for fabulous sums.

The lack of an industry has spawned another perennial question, often broached at KomMissia: with no defined Russian comics mainstream, what does it mean aesthetically and politically to follow an alternative practice? His genitals and anus are surgically removed by the sexually perverse head of the experiment, Professor E. Needless to say, the experiment ends in failure and disaster; our hero more than ever wants to cause havoc.

Obsessed with restoring his lost penis, Man-Mold swears vengeance on the professor. Another alternative approach to komiks emerged early in the new century in St. Formed in , SPb. Nouvelles Graphiques united seven young artists with art school, design, and animation backgrounds most had worked at Historical Background 4.

Advertisement for SPb. This makes A Fairy Tale? The coauthorship strategy produces a multiperspectival but unitary world, recalling the reader to the subjectivity of perception. Yakovlev went on to found the Komiks Boom International Festival of Drawn Stories or Boomfest, as it is popularly known , the second event of its kind in Russia, which launched in September Taking advantage of the September weather, some works were displayed on stands in city parks and streets.

The festival also held a digital comics competition through ZhZh. Boomfest sponsors included several European consulates, the firms Wacom, Coreldraw, Lunokhod-1, the St. Petersburg Times, Afisha, and others. According to statistics compiled by the festival, over five thousand visitors took part in the event, of which about 50 percent were between the ages of sixteen and thirty. An exhibit on the s journal Mukha took place.

Bread and Pastries This is fucked up. But for some reason I love it anyway. The collection of one-page dialogues between an unnamed man and his cat follows no particular order or thematic line: in a typical post-Soviet apartment, the two discuss the weather, the motion of water in a tub, insomnia, walking along ledges. They are frank exchanges between men in a modern vernacular which, while not as coarse as The Man-Mold nothing is as coarse as The Man-Mold , comfortably incorporates profanity.

Firstly, this is the sort of witty, adult-oriented, lumpen-philosophical entertainment at which many in the genre excel. In any country it would deserve a wide readership. Yet all along komiks survived, at times out in the open the lubok publisher Sytin was a wealthy man , at others in the interstices of Russian culture the imprisoned Sysoev. Mostly, though, they occupied a sort of middle ground, comics in all but name—ROSTA windows, Veselie Kartinki, propaganda booklets—before exposure to imports doomed komiksisty to bottom-feeding in their own market.

The bitterness over the failed industry, slow development of the art form, its semi-exile to the online realm, leads to occasional eruptions, anger, blind lashing out—as seen immediately after KomMissia Widespread dissatisfaction over the judging was all it took to uncork a seething cauldron of recriminations and vitriol, which boiled over for weeks on the Internet forums—Khikhus on one side, Zaslavsky on the other. An industry, of course, is another matter. How can we avoid letting the bourgeois plague Enslave our hearts and minds?

Untitled Mitya comics by Iorsh, No appreciation of the piece, despite the post-Soviet theme, is complete without knowledge of its s antecedents; the ghost of Mayakovsky nods. Through this means, the comics reader can perceive both terror and unmotivated cruelty with a lower level of personal involvement. Instead, they have trampled, excoriated, scorned, and misunderstood them. The next several chapters of this study, devoted to case studies spanning the late- and postSoviet eras, will attempt to demonstrate that Russians might do better simply to accept, appreciate, and enjoy komiks as a wayward part of their artistic patrimony, and welcome them home.

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Science : Dis. Aubakirov Marat Tleubaevich — Candidate of technical science. Mironov Vladimir Grigorevich — Candidate of technical science. Head of the subproject. Shilov Gennadiy Timofeevich — Engineer technologist. Burovoye doloto tipa pikobur Chisel type chisel. Aubakirov M. Polucheniye kompozitsionnykh granulirovannykh materialov v planetarnom granulyatore.

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A, Panteleyenko F. I, Okovityy V. V, Astashinskiy V. Polucheniye kompozitsionnogo keramicheskogo materiala dlya gazotermicheskogo napyleniya. Production of composite ceramic material for gas-thermal spraying. Belarusian National Technical University. Nauka i tekhnika Science and Technology. Chulkina A. Zakonomernosti obrazovaniya karbidnykh faz pri mekhanosinteze splava Fe0. Regularities in the formation of carbide phases during alloy mechanosynthesis Fe0.

Fizika metallov i metallovedeniye. Physics of metals and metalscience. G, Shilov G. B, Omurbekova K. Optimizatsiya sostava i sposoba polucheniya novogo naplavochnogo samoflyusuyushchegosya splava na osnove zheleza s vvedeniyem ligatury khrom bor. Optimization of composition and method of obtaining a new surfacing self-fluxing alloy based on iron with the introduction of chromium boron master alloy. Zhurnal Uprochnayayushchiye tekhnologii i pokrytiya. Journal of Strengthening Technologies and Coatings. Moskow Revutskiy Alexander Vladimirovich — Production supervisor at production of condenser powders.

Head of sub-department. Issledovaniye i razrabotka materialov na osnove tantala i niobiya dlya elektronnoj tekhniki Research and development of materials based on tantalum and niobium for electronic technology : avtoref. Sankt-Petersburg, Tantalovyye poroshki dlya ehlektroliticheskikh k ondensatorov Tantalum powders for electrolytic capacitors. Die Bedentung des Tantals in der Kondensatorindustrie. Fiziko-khimicheskiye osnovy tekhnologii proizvodstva tantalovykh anodov i katodov kondensatorov iz aglomerirovannykh nanokristallicheskikh poroshkov Physicochemical foundations of the technology for the production of tantalum anodes and cathodes of capacitors made from sintered nanocrystalline powders.

Ekaterinburg, The tantalum and niobium markets: trends in supply, demand and applications. Orlando, USA. Sposob polucheniya poroshka tantala The method for producing tantalum powder. Issledovaniya po tekhnologii vysokoyemkikh tantalovykh kondensatornykh poroshkov Research on the technology of high-capacity tantalum capacitor grade powders. Fabrication and characterization of powder metallurgy tantalum components prepared by high compaction pressure technique.

Materials characterization. Fabrication and mechanical properties of powder metallurgy tantalum prepared by hot isostatic pressing. The chemical state and control of oxygen in powder metallurgy tantalum. Materials science and engineering a-structural materials properties microstructure and processing. Metallurgiya redkikh metallov Metallurgy of Rare Metals. Redkiye Metally Rare Metals. Rao Bkhamidipati K. Panichkin Aleksandr Vladimirovich — candidate of Technical Sciences. Kenzhegulov Aidar Karaulovich — master degree, engineejunior researcher.

Imbarova Akerke Talgatkyzy — master degree, researcher. Non-Pd BCC alloy membranes for industrial hydrogen separation. Journal of Membrane Science. Hirsche M. Developments in the Ni—Nb—Zr amorphous alloy membranes. Applied physics A. Hydrogen permeability of membranes based on niobium and tantalum foils in a hydrogen atmosphere of technical purity.

Termicheskaya degradatsiya palladiyevogo pokrytiya vodorodopronitsayemykh membran iz niobiya. Thermal degradation of the palladium coating of hydrogen permeable membranes from niobium. Separation and Purification Technology. Membrane for the separation of hydrogen from gas mixtures.

Livshits AI, Notkin M. Journal of Alloys and Compounds. Improvement in high temperature stability of Pd coating on Nb by Nb 2 C intermediate layer. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. Thermally tolerant multilayer metal membrane. Dye, R. Snow; published Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids. Dolan M. D, Song G. The effect of Ti on the microstructure, hydrogen absorption and diffusivity of V—Ni alloy membranes.

The effect of Ti on hydrogen absorption and diffusivity in V—Ti—Al alloy membranes. Vanadium alloy membranes for high hydrogen permeability and suppressed hydrogen embrittlement.

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Scripta Materialia. Alloys based on Group 5 metals for hydrogen purification membranes. Hydrogen separation membrane and method for separating hydrogen. X, Yukawa H. Alloying effects of Ru and W on hydrogen diffusivity during hydrogen permeation through Nb-based hydrogen permeable membranes. Analysis of hydrogen mobility in Nb-based alloy membranes in view of new description of hydrogen permeability based on hydrogen chemical potential. Hydrogen permeable membranes based on niobium foils coated with layer of tungsten and molybdenum in niobium solid solution characteristics research.

Advances in Engineering Research. Improvement of methodology and equipment for determination of hydrogen performance of thin flat metallic membranes. Complex use of mineral resourses. Omurbekova Kymbat — Master.

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Synthesis of silicone-acrylic resins and their applications to superweatherable coatings. Journal of Applied Polymer Science. The effect of a styrene-acrylic copolymer synthesized in a high-pressure reactor on the improved corrosion protection of a two-component polyurethane coating. Materials and technology. Corrosion resistant hydrophobic coating using modified conducting polyaniline.

High Performance Polymers. Applied Polymer. Synthesis of styrene-acrylic emulsion modified with hydroxyl phosphate and its corrosion properties. Advanced Materials Research. Progress in Organic Coatings. Electroactive conducting polymers for corrosion control. Part 1. General introduction and review of non-ferrous metals.

Solid State Electrochem. Part 2. Ferrous metals. Failure analysis of the adhesive metal joint bonded on anticorrosion plastic alloy composite pipe. Engineering Failure Analysis, 47, Part A. Eurasian ChemTech Journal. Utilization of hydrophilic copolymers as superplasticizers for cement pastes Part I: Poly[acrylic acid-co-styrene]. Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research. Synthesis, Characterization, and Cement Application of maleic anhydride water-soluble grafted polymer.

World Applied Science. Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering. Carbohydrate Polymers. Yeligbaeva, Aigul A. Amitova, Balgyn T. Synthesis of water soluble copolymers and their interpolymer complexes with poly acrylic acid. Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy. Irmukhametova, Bekbayeva L. Oriental Journal of Chemistry. Glass and structural transitions measured as polymer surfaces on the nanoscale.

Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. Formation and development of epitaxial CaSO4. A study of the thermodynamics of chitosan interaction with polyvinyl alcohol and polyethylene oxide by differential scanning calometry. Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry. Link to this article : El-Sayed, N. Study on the lightweight hydraulic mortars designed by the use of diatomite as partial replacement of natural hydraulic lime and masonry waste as aggregate.

Construction and Building Materials. DOI : Diatom methods. Diatomites: Their Formation, Distribution, and Uses. Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science Second Edition. London: University College London, ISBN in Eng. The use of raw and calcined diatomite in cement production. Cement and Concrete Composites. Properties of sustainable cement mortars containing high volume of raw diatomite. Sustainable Materials and Technologies. Preparation of porous brick from diatomite and sugar filter mud at lower temperature.

Vliyanie aktivacii diatomita na svojstva izvestkovykh kompozitcij Effect of diatomite activation on the properties of calcareous compositions. Izvestiya vysshih uchebnyh zavedenij. Issledovaniya zakonomernostej vliyaniya zolya kremnievoj kisloty na strukturu i svojstva diatomita Studies of the regularities of the effect of silica sol on the structure and properties of diatomite. Application of activated diatomite for dry lime mixes.

Silicalcite is a new building material Tallin: Estonian State Press. Biryukova A. A, Pogrebenkov V. Poluchenie innovatsionnogo teploizolyatsionnogo materiala iz shlakov ferrokhroma Obtaining an innovative thermal insulation material from ferrochrome slags. Mezhgosudarstvennyj standart. Tekhnicheskie usloviya Interstate standard, silicate brick and stone. Technical specifications Moscow: Strojizdat. Chiev Researcher. Associate Professor of the Department of Physics. Proizvodstvo ferrosplavov. ERG budet pererabatyvat lezhalyy shlak Aktyubinskogo zavoda ferrosplavov.

Goncharova T. Yakovleva N. Limeshkina E. Almurzayeva S. Rezultaty issledovaniy soderzhaniya khroma v atmosfernom vozdukhe. Report on the results of the investigation of the slag of slag refined ferrochromium Energo project industrijaa. Beograd Belgrad. Method for processing the waste disintegrating slag. Razin A. Novikov N. Sovershenstvovaniye silikotermicheskogo protsessa vyplavki nizkouglerodistogo ferrokhroma. Improvement of the silicothermic process of smelting low-carbon ferrochromium.

Grabeklis A. Demin B. Pererabotka shlakov ferrosplavnogo proizvodstva. Processing of slag ferroalloy production. Trudy OAO Uralskiy institut metallov. Proceedings of the Ural Institute of Metals Inzhenerno-ekologicheskiy spravochnik. Obshchaya tekhnologiya stekla i steklyannykh izdeliy. General technology of glass and glassware. Diatomit-kremnesoderzhashchiy material dlya stekolnoy promyshlennosti. Diatomite-siliceous material for the glass industry. Julin Wangab. Qinglin Mac Xin Zhaod Tao Zhange Study on the lightweight hydraulic mortars designed by the use of diatomite as partial replacement of natural hydraulic lime and masonry waste as aggregate.

University College London. Shuang Yan. Guishan Liu. Hongshun Hao. Effektivnost primeneniya aktivirovannykh diatomitov v sukhikh stroitelnykh smesyakh. The effectiveness of the use of activated diatomites in dry building mixtures. Bondarenko I. Orynbekov R. Primeneniye aktivirovannogo diatomita v sukhikh stroitelnykh smesyakh.

The use of activated diatomite in dry building mixtures. Tastanov E. Sadykov N. Polucheniye innovatsionnogo teploizolyatsionnogo materiala iz shlakov ferrokhroma. Obtaining an innovative thermal insulation material from ferrochrome slags. Ekologiya i promyshlennost Kazakhstana. Gromov A. Khaydukov V. Ferritno-kaltsiyevyy flyusosvyazuyushchiy dlya zhelezorudnykh okatyshey.

Ferritic-calcium flux-bonding for iron ore pellets LGTU. Sarsenbay G.. Abdulvaliyev R. Kompleksnaya pererabotka kaolinitovykh glin s polucheniyem promyshlennykh produktov. Complex processing of kaolinite clays to produce industrial products. Abdrakhimov V. Vysokoporistyy teploizolyatsionnyy material na osnove zhidkogo stekla. E-mail: lab-isabaev rambler. Abishev, E-mail: lab-isabaev rambler.

Zhamuchametova A. Ispolzovaniye organicheskikh vosstanoviteley v gidrometallurgicheskoy pererabotke oksidnykh marganetssoderzhashchikh materialov Use of organic reducers in hydrometallurgical processing of the oxidic materials containing manganese. O sernokislotnom vyshchelachivanii okislennykh margantsevykh rud About vitriolic leaching of the oxidized manganese ores.

Gornyy zhurnal. Vliyaniye spetsifiki sostava zhelezomargantsevykh konkretsiy Tikhogo okeana i Baltiyskogo morya na tekhnologicheskiye pokazateli izvlecheniya tsennykh komponentov Influence of specifics of composition of the concretions of the Pacific Ocean and the Baltic Sea containing iron and manganese on technological indicators of extraction of valuable components. Osobennosti vosstanovitelnogo vyshchelachivaniya margantsevykh rud Features of recovery leaching of manganese ores. Opredeleniye rezhima prokhozhdeniya reaktsii vyshchelachivaniya margantsa Definition of the mode of passing of reaction of leaching of manganese.

Sposob pererabotki marganetssoderzhashchego syria Way of processing of the raw materials containing manganese. Malov E. Katkov A. Sventsitskiy A. Kombinirovannaya skhema pererabotki margantsevykh rud pirolyuzit-psilomelanovogo sostava The combined scheme of processing of manganese ores structure manganous peroxide-psilomelan.

Obogashcheniye rud. Sposob izvlecheniya margantsa Way of extraction of manganese. Larin V. Litvinenko V. Sazanov N. Litvinenko L. Gorbunov V. Ispolzovaniye peroksida vodoroda v kachestve vosstanovitelya pri vyshchelachivanii dioksida margantsa Use of hydrogen peroxide as reducer at manganese dioxide leaching. Sposob pererabotki marganetssoderzhashchikh materialov Way of processing of the materials containing manganese. Pavlov A. Shishova I.

Kineticheskiye osobennosti protsessa vyshchelachivaniya margantsa Kinetic features of process of leaching of manganese. Rastvor dlya vyshchelachivaniya oksidno-margantsevykh rud Solution for leaching of oxide-manganese ores. Nevskaya E. Gorichev I. Sposob pererabotki margantsevykh karbonatnykh rud Way of processing of manganese carbonate ores. Khismatullin S. Shapovalov V. Sposob pererabotki bednykh margantsevykh rud. Sposob izvlecheniya margantsa iz margantsevykh rud A way of extraction of manganese from manganese ores.

Abdrashitov Ya. Dmitriyev Yu. Zakharova N. Sposob pererabotki marganetssoderzhashchikh materialov Way of processing of marganetssoderzhashchy materials. Sirina T. Mizin V. Gaydt D. Abdykirova G. Tanekeyeva M. Sukurov B. Ibrayeva G. Abisheva A. Issledovaniye vyshchelachivaniya margantsa iz tekhnogennogo syria — shlamov rudy mestorozhdeniya Vostochnyy Kamys Research of leaching of manganese from technogenic raw materials — field ore slimes East Kamys. Sovremennyye resursosberegayushchiye tekhnologii. Problemy i perspektivy: mater. II-y Mezhdunar.

Odessa, Tusupbayev N. Kshibekov B. Pererabotka marganetssoderzhashchego shlama s primeneniyem vosstanovitelnogo vyshchelachivaniya Processing of the slime containing manganese with application of recovery leaching. Nauchnyye osnovy i praktika pererabotki rud i tekhnogennogo syria: tr. Nurakhmetova G. Issledovaniye gidrometallurgicheskoy pererabotki tekhnogennogo marganetssoderzhashchego syria Research of hydrometallurgical processing of the technogenic raw materials containing manganese.

Fundamentalnyye issledovaniya i prikladnyye razrabotki protsessov utilizatsii tekhnogennykh obrazovaniy: mater. The single has swept Europe, where it refuses to budge from the No. Beach Boys-styled pop. The lavish box, which includes a detailed page booklet with notes by California music authority Stephen J. The album includes two singles that topjK'd reggae charts worldwide in late and early , the heroic "Can't Stop A Man" and the visionary title track. He stands out over everyone. Key to his durable popularity is his ability to write stirringly on any experience.

Though he is a favorite among women for his sultry yet sensitive love songs, Ham- mond is equally moving when it comes to spiritual and social issues. Unlike the many artists who peak early in their careen and later fail to match their initial efforts, Hammond's new songs are as fresh and insightful as his 70s compositions. He was Chandler then made the difficult transition from performer to manag- er, discovering and developing Hen- drix and masterminding the career of Slade, Britain's kings of '70s glam rock.

More recently, he helped estab- lish the Newcastle Arena, the North- east's largest sports and entertain- ment center. In April , they arrived on the U. Columbia Records' Kula Shaker is coming off a significant breakthrough single in the U. A priority act with the recently revamped U. Steve Backer is appointed head of marketing at the Enclave in New York. He was GM of Giant Records. She was director. He was director of marketing.

He was director of West Coast productions for VHl. He was the Midwest regional representative for Island Records. He was North- east marketing director for the label. Rip-It Records in Orlando, Fla. She was an attorney for Big Boy Records. He was an independent promoter. Ian J. Plus Two New Songs. In Store July 30th. Much of the set fea- tures pioneering funk metal rockers Fishbone as a backing band. Joi says she first heard the group as a ninth-grader when it appeared on "Soul Train. Her vocals are alternately sensual and stab- bing, frosty and hot. Songs include "Soul," a tale about salvaging the pieces of a tattered rela- tionship; "My Brother's Letter," a bit- tersweet bouncer in memory of Austin's deceased older brother; and "Dirty Mind," a slinky creep through Joi's sensuality as a battle rages between her flesh and her brain.

Not to be confused with the Prince song, "Dirty Mind" is an original. Barnum Jr. You are to experience and embrace each one. According to Caron Veazy— director of marketing and artist development at Atlanta-based Rowdy Records, another Austin imprint — the starting point will Continued on next jmge Jars Of Gold. In the end, they decided to release the self- titled album July 30, the release date that had been planned before his death.

It was done before Brad's death, but Irushing it out] is absolutely what we wanted to avoid. We want the music to stand up on its own, and we want to promote the music. If we were going to exploit someone's death, we would haw put it out a month and a half ago. To Freedom," which resurfaced in to become a minor modern rock hit Billboard, May 6, The song is about a date rapist who is later sexually assaulted in prison. The ska-tinged "What I Got" is a light ditty about being happy as long as one has love.

Of course, the line "I don't get angry when my mom smokes pot, hits the bottle, and goes right for the rock" may raise a few eyebrows, as will scattered drug references throughout the song and album, but it's noth- ing a few radio edits can't fix. The single will go to alternative, triple-A, and college radio.

A video is also in the works. To Freedom" and 's "Robbin' The Hood" , "Sublime" has quite a few potential singles on it, including the insinuating "Garden by Melinda Netvman Groove" and "April 29, Miami ," which takes a loot- er's view of rioting following the Rodney King verdict In addition to the music, the album artwork serves as a tribute to Nowell. The cover is a photo of a Sublime tat- too that Nowell had across his back from shoulder to shoulder. Unfortunately, Nowell won't be around to enjoy his success.

Variations on a theme ii: After Kurt Cobain killed himself in April , there was much specu- lation about unreleased material coming from the Nirvana camp. But whenever the surviving members, bassist Krist Novoselic and drummer Dave Grohl, were asked about rummaging through the band's archives, they said that listening to the old material was too painful. The Wishkah is a river that runs through Cobain's hometown of Aberdeen, Wash.

According to a source, Novoselic spearheaded the pro- ject and may write the liner notes. This is the other half, the more aggressive half. Additionally, the release will have no songs that have not already been on Nirvana studio albums. The band is seeking an immediate replace- ment, and, according to a representative, August dates on the tour are on as scheduled. Chamber- lin has a court date Aug. Those influences aren't overtly apparent on his Virgin debut, "One Mississippi," which is set for release Sept.

Instead, its pure pop tone recalls the days when carefully craft- ed, clever songwriting was para- mount in rock'n'roll. For that reason, I really love traditional pop music. Plans to release the swirling dance song "Moving On" as a single are on the back burner at the moment, even though a video has already been shot Sigerson says, "I didn't want to start with 'Moving On,' because I felt that would be a distraction from what the meat of the record is all about.

That's just sitting there as sort of a free- standing hit record. We're being more broad-based now, [for] the marketplace has changed. Fishbone will like- ly join her on the jaunt. Although Sigerson says that 'there's a tremendous amount of interest in the project internationally," he adds that the album won't be released overseas until We want to manage the promotion effec- tively across the different markets and not make her life too crazy. According to Phil Fox, director of product manage- ment, the label has been working on generating name recognition at grass-roots retail for a number of months already.

The singer, who is booked by the William Morris Agency, says that he hopes to set out on tour this fall. I can sit back and think everything I write is great, but unless other people think so, too, it doesn't mat- ter very much. I never bought into the idea that the three-minute pop song was dead, and it's cool to see that there are people out there that feel the same way. In fact, one of the reasons for putting the older songs on the record was because I didn't have enough and I can't make them up just to make a record.

But then two more [songs] hit me! Also, a CD sampler consisting of two album tracks and new versions of past Richman classics that may include "Roadrunner" and "Pablo Picasso" will be widely serviced in Vapor's general trade mailing. Meanwhile, an advance postcard cam- paign is being readied, which will be fol- lowed up with a second card mailing fea- turing album review- blurbs.

There will also be album posters, 'looming soon" tour posters, and discount coupons tying in retail at Richman gigs. Vapor is producing a Richman elec- tronic press kit "especially for the inter- national market," says Gironda, who adds that one or two videos will be produced to support the artist, who has rarely been promoted be the medium. The label is seeking an appropriate syndicated radio vehicle and hopes to expand the TV expo- sure Richman has recently garnered as one of the more frequent guests on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien.

With the right people behind him, there's def- inite potential to reach a wider audience. This time out, Richman, who for the last eight years has appeared solo or backed only by a drummer, is taking a full band on the road. But this doesn't jibe with his self-penned Rounder bios, in which he admitted to being an outra- geously "fussy" and impossibly "demand- ing" bandleader and advised prospective sidepeople, "If I hire you— quit!

Now I'm wonderful, delightful, way more improved. My musicians can attest that I'm a fine, fine person. They're also very patient and tolerant and know from the get go what they're getting into! Three uneventful years passed before Hammond recorded his first solo album, the highly successful "Soul Reggae" Water Lilly Records. After his home was robbed in the late '80s, Hammond withdrew once again from the business, traveling between Jamaica and New York for about three years, until , when he decided to return to music.

He released another chain of singles that reached No. In , Hammond struck a deal with Elektra Records. His critically acclaimed Elektra release "In Control," typi- cally written and recorded on the spot in the studio, showcases Hammond's pas- sionate interpretations of some of his finest writing. He says he is negotiating with distribu- tors for Japan and Europe. With a big com- pany, it takes so long to put out one sin- gle, so you have a limited amount of sin- Previews, reviews, interviews, film, theater, art and more. With a little Jamaican label, you record a song, and the next week, it's all over the world.

VP has grown over the years from a small family business that mirrored its Jamaican-based coun- terparts into the largest distributor of reggae in the U. The company's marketing strategies are similar to those of the majors but adapted to reggae's unique needs. The first single, the urgent, dance- beat-powered "Sweet Lies," dropped July Shooting for the videoclip was completed July 10; the video's release date had not been set at press time. An intensive marketing blitz will launch the week of the album release, RETAIL PUSH "We're going to do endcaps, buy posi- tions in different retail stores, and we are buying co-op print ads with the major chain stores and in local radio markets," says Chin.

We're going to do in-stores with Beres at our Queens retail store during the first week the album is available, and we're talking with him about doing more in other parts of the country. Retailers are already anticipating the album. He's also one of the best reggae songwriters ever. VP is creating in-store performances and retail promotions for the mainstream market, a relatively recent strategy for the company.

If we'd asked them three years ago, they wouldn't have thought twice about say- ing no. When mainstream stores ask you to get people in there for reggae music, that tells you the music is penetrating the mainstream. Now that we've established credibility, we expect the same reaction for Beres' album. Yet one indication of this artist's impressive tal- ent is his refusal to simplify. The fiery revolutionary revealed in "Can't Stop A Man" is as emotionally honest as Hammond's more frequently invoked lover persona. With a master vocalist like this, instrumentals and har- monies should step back, and they do here.

Discrete and tasteful, each track showcases Hammond's unique gift for mingling delicacy with power. TFO HiliO Iowa sms IJS Wit SSS3. I20 no s:; so SSS lAOrttl. SO 1S. Fax: - For research information and pricing, call Mane Ratliff. The radio-friend- ly album, which features rangy, gutsy power pop with a Midwestern flavor, was produced by Tim Patalan Sponge.

That deal provided tour support and money for demos, allowing the band to work with Patalan. The CD was re- leased in February and within six weeks had sold out of the first pressing. Radio support is not ft limited to airplay, either: WRIF Detroit has invited the dt's to play several summer bashes, with PD Doug Podell enthusiastic about the band's future. Mark my words, the dt's are next on the horizon for stardom. The CD has sold out its initial printing of 2, units. Bradley has been writing more songs in preparation for a three-month tour that will begin in October and take her through Asia, the U.

This month, she is the featured artist on Discovery Cruise Lines' new artist series. Contact Bague at Melissa Miles- ki's neo-operative vocals are wedded with swirling keyboard and gui- tar textures, world music references, and pulsating rhythms for moody pop that has been compared to the Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance. All those elements congeal satisfyingly on "Le Petit Morte," , the band's second full-length CD, as well as on its new three-song vinyl single, "Witch Name.

Along the way, the quintet has.

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Earlier this year, Rosewater opened five shows i for Low, and it recently returned from an East Coast tour. The 2o-track collection includes tracks from other former and current Tampa Bay area bands, including Home, Vampire Slayers, Lie, and Queationface. Contact Marshall Dickson at While McCready didn't write any of the songs on "Ten Thousand Angels," she says each one of them conies from her heart "My producer said something that really hit me hard," says McCready prob- ably the only country artist sporting a pierced naval " 'Every song you sing is how the public will see you.

You are that song. I feel that people are really bond- ing with me when they hear my album. Besides, the con- sumer will appreciate it more. Her first-week sales, more than 7, units, are the highest for a female country artist since Yearwood's self-titled debut album on MCA in I'm known as the old man,' so she starts calling me Grand- pa.

She knows what it takes to win, and she's not phony about it Artists have to take time for radio; that's what keeps a career going, and she's doing a good job of it" Since the album's release, McCready has been a presence at the majority of country radio stations around the country by playing acoustically, serving as a guest DJ, recording liners, and making call-ins.

We're a young country station, and Mindy fits in with the demo per- fectly. I can't name one new artist that is as reflective of society as she is. She's as hip as her audience and has a very dis- tinctive voice. She translates well on camera. We shot a video for the second single, too, and got her on a lot of TV morning shows. Instead, over the past six months, she has per- formed acoustically for radio and retail- ers to "get her confidence up and prepare her for a tour," says Turner. We're looking for the right touring opportunity.

There is interest in Germany and England now, where we released the single 'Ten Thou- sand Angels,' and we're talking about going out there much later in the year. Ask Melinda Newman She's on the Web this month at www. IU- When an album reaches this level, the album and the artist's subsequent albums are immedi- ately ineligible to appear on the Healseekers chart.

All albums are available on cassette and CD. Or Inl 1 Ur UnvlU 3. The band"s "Stereophonic Spanish Fly. The soulful rockers are on the road through the summer. Anyone who liked the dance remixes of Garbage's U. The Nigerian-born Saffron says that with Republica, she hopes to bring dance music to a new level. I wanted to go back to writing good, real in Ride 'Em. Cowboy Mouth clocked in at No. The album is chock-full of curt lyrics such as "Shut up, I'm talking.

Electronic Raiie Tho Pressure 2. Scruming Trees Dust 6. Ricochet Ricochet 3. Rhett AJjuto Somebody New 4. Enrique Iglesias Enrique Iglesias 9. Intocable Uevame Contigo played with a number of high- profile acts in London — such as M People, the Grid, and Moby — Saffron doesn't feel that the band has made its mark in Eng- land. Every- thing is so categorized here," she says. We're not the flavor; we're not a Brit- pop band. We're the underdog. July Aug. To capitalize on the opportunity, Warner Bros, has created a cassette sampler fea- turing its liollapalooza acts Crumb, Corner- shop, You Am I, and Soul Coughing , which will be distributed at shows.

In addition, in certain markets that the tour visits, the label will have a low-ftov-tr radio station set up to hear music from the four bands. The frequency will be athcrtised on lawn signs, similar to the "Vote for. John Schlitt— lead singer or Christian's biggest rock group. The set debuts at No.

Scheduled for release Sept. Brown, formerly a sideman with Lou Rawls and a reg- ular performer with Patti La Belle, has steadily gained consumer awareness. The label credits its grass-roots marketing approach for breaking the onetime Musicians Institute of Hollywood staff instructor. In its effort to build on Brown's previous success, the label is re-implementing the grass-roots street strategy that got Brown's name on the map.

It is also tapping the usual jazz marketing mechanisms. The marketing assault began June 18, when the label released the title track as an emphasis track.

Walker reports significant in-store play, especially in markets the artist has visited during his advance press tour, which began July 19 in Sacramento, Calif. Representatives from the expo offered Daniels exclu- sivity in return for his help in securing recording acts for the event. He credits his ability to foster working rela- tionships with people in various business areas as the key to his success. Those two things combined can let you go a long way," says Daniels. The touring dance troupe displayed its wares July 14 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles to a mostly Hollywood-hip crowd.

It was interesting to attend the ballet with folks who wore leather pants and sported producer sunglasses and teased blue hair with matching bandannas. However, that audience proved an antithesis of sorts to the season-tick- et holders, easily ID'd by their stiff upper lips. The show was satisfying, especially to the show-biz legions on the scene. The evening's first movement didn't quite work. Imagine tutu- and toe shoe-clad dancers per- forming ballet moves to roek'n'funk-laced Prince tracks.

Sadly, the head-nodding beats didn't translate well and grated against the more fluid nature of ballet. However, the balance of the movements — which fea- tured such Princely classics as "Purple Rain," "Thunder," and "Get Off" — proved visually satisfying thanks to the choreographers' modern approach, which allowed the dancers to become more rhythmic in step and swerve. In addition, t he costumes for the rest of the performance cre- ated more "attitude" among the corps de ballet.

The album sold , units, according to SoundScan, and was followed in by 'Thought 'Ya Knew," which peaked at No. However, the artist who is managed by Damon Jones and Yvette DeVour, is quick to point out that the dance element remains a key component of her music, and she cites the high-energy "Some- body Else's Guy" as an example. On July 16, "Movin' On. The single hits store's Tuesday But this song also has potential across several genres, so Junior Vasquez does some house mixes, and there's also some mixes from [Hall] and G. The quartet's self-titled debut album will be released Sept Assorted PhJavors is the first act to be released on prolific producer Daw "Jam" Hall's label, which was formed in via a production and distribution deal with Sony.

This jam-packed annual review of fourth quarter products includes information on music, video and multimedia releases, holiday-themed products, accessories, and charts of last sea- son's best selling CDs and videos. Editorial will also feature a product forecast on the children's entertainment market and an overview of the reis- sues market. Billboard's August 24 issue takes a comprehen- sive look at what increased demand will mean for CD replicators. Other areas to be exam- ined include an update on the SID code system, preparing for DVD, the growing trend of indie bands producing CD's in lower quantities and the practice of making masters on CD.

Our special exam- ines recent trends in Japan including the rising number of million-selling albums, corporate reorga- nization and the ongoing rise of "major" independent labels. Other features will explore the most prominent radio outlets in Japan, the ten most notable albums by Japanese artists and the making of a "star" in this market. Billboard's August 31 issue salutes this 25th anniversary with an in-depth look at devel- opment, key accomplish- ments, legendary artists, and significant industry "firsts.

Billboard's classical music editor Heidi Waleson reviews current market trends, label's changes in focus, and the industry's market share. Other spotlight features will highlight fall releases, aggressive marketing strategies creative crossover and second exploitation , Klassicom '96 and label activity in international markets. Features will include an overall market report, capsules highlight- ing current Irish acts in a range of genres, an update on the state of Irish radio and how the arrival of a national station will impact air- waves.

Also look for a run- down on artists and song- writers from indie record and publishing companies. It contains all that is needed to book talent, promote tours, and take care of business, all in one single, easy-to-use reference source. An ad in the ITTD means access to the talent and touring personnel who need your services. A 'Ail. BAD hOY " ':r. UNi;f R:. F WLEY. Mil u'. COK L. HA-'-MA', i. BENET :.

ERO '! I A";;. LA; A. Vl, - EAA'. E lil av. ERA A. REM AlliA. VAA I. ARIAA certification for sales of 1 million units, with additional million indicated by a numeral following the symbol Catalog number is for cassette single. C Cassette single availability. ID CD single availability. IM Cassette maxi-single availability. Tl Vinyl maxi-smgle availability. IV Vinyl single availability. HFA - A! HX-imiX' Vtov iMHrtri. HiiiJA '. Ma iWA3rtv. I ;ilAM. Btt ,AM. HJI 1 HI i'. AG Tape prices marked EQ. Greatest Gainer shows chart's largest unit increase.

Pacesetter incJicates biggest percentage growth Heatseeker Impact snows albums removed from Heats-eekers this week. Billboard's Record Retailing Directory contains out 7. Industry leaders agree — this source of reliable information is too valuable to be without. Box 20I6. NJ Get a jump on your competition! Order bulk copies for your entire sales staff and marketing team — call us today for special rates!

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Onjers payable in U. All sales are final. Arista and its distributed labels do just that for the second time in one year. Braxton's two- sided single moves , thanks to a healthy gain in radio points from the B-side. While Braxton has the top spot for now, R. Kelly's "I Can't Sleep Baby If I " Jive will likely become next week's top record, as its points continue to build at radio and retail. Kirk Bonin, Arista's senior director of sales, says, "Retailers have been calling in high anticipation of this record for several weeks, so I knew we had a hit on our hands.

Look for a grand entry after the single streets Aug. The healthy sales increase rings the title in at No. Nas has been put into power rotation at that station based purely on research. To that end, the label has had Peniston on the road since Memorial Day visiting radio ami retail outlets, as well as performing spot dates around the country. Pay dates have yet to be scheduled for the artist, who is booked through Ash Entertainment. Her music is licensed through Mainlot Publishing. At press time, the service date for the first single's video had not been sched- uled.

The single arrives in stores Aug. During the visits, the act will conduct "impromptu" performances. A promotion with Starbwst and Skit- tles candies is also in the works. At press time, a touring schedule ami booking agency for the group had not been selected. The accompanying clip will be serviced to all local and regional video shows, as well as such national net- works as BET anil the Box.

Nas-T hails from Pine Bluff, Ark. Says Tallman, "We still haven't decided on what the second sin- gle will be, but it will depend on the suc- cess of the first one. Gamin' On Ya'. Mercury recording artist Bnan McKnight makes an appearance at a party celebrating the grand opening of Olympic Stadium in Atlanta. The vocalist is one of several acts from various music genres who contributed to "Rhythm Of The Games. Shown, from left, are track and field Olympic gold medalist Kevin Young. Lists Radio Stations Country, Rock. Radio Syndicators and Top Arbitron Markets.

International Latin Music Buyer's Guide: The essential tool for finding business contacts in the latin music marketplace. For fast service call: In NY call In NJ call 90S Billboard Directories, P. Orders payable in U. The event was sponsored by Vibe magazine, and after the sets, the artists and several Vibe editors, including Alan Light, Danyel Smith, K m i 1 Wilbekin, and Rob Ken- ner, interacted with the youngsters in a mentoring sort of way. It was a com- pletely joyous event, according to observers.

Ironi- cally, the title of his current long-play- er is "Off Parole. Since his arrival at Vibe, O'Neal has been responsible for some very effective marketing programs featuring urban music artists. He'll be showing and then dis- cussing the work of director Marcus Nispel, who will be on hand to answer questions about his craft Nispel's cred- its include clips for L. Cool J. White says, "I think Nispel] creates very interesting images of black peo- ple.

But according to Peter Schwartz of New York-based booking firm the Agency Group, reggae road shows have been easier to launch of late. Dre's illustrious career as a producer.

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It includes "Deep Cover," the spooky, menacing track that introduced Snoop Doggy Dogg to the world; Michele's pioneering new- jill jam "Nicety"; the bouncy, unre- leased D. In street parlance, "C-Lo" means automatic winner. Large Professor's long-aw r aited solo joint is due to drop Nov. The release date for Nas-T's album has not been scheduled. The Brooklyn, N. In the meantime, his songwriting career continues to move forward. This artist's work is really all that, and it will be interesting to see how Loftin's career unfolds in what is slow- ly becoming a more artistic musicscape.

The awards ceremony was sponsored by Sound Business Inc. ARIAA certification for sates of 1 million units. Catalog no. ID CO single availability. XI CO maxi-sirtgie availability, t As a Logic Records executive paced the floor with a cellu- lar phone glued to her ear, the cafe owner was arranging a silver platter of dainty pastries, while his assistants nervously fussed with a corner table's silverware arrangement, brewed cof- fee, squeezed fresh oranges, and spritzed water on the room's countless plants.

When the first of two towncars appeared, a sleepy but meticulously coiffed Wash emerged, mustering a gracious grin and muttering, "Whose hright idea was it to do this meeting as a breakfast? Ultimately, it didn't matter. Seconds after these legendary dance music performers came together, there were enough synergistic sparks in the air to wear out a prize fighter. The track is a preview of a full-length album that Terry is cut- ting for Logic.

And while no one con- nected to the project is ready to con- firm it just yet, we hear that the divas will likely be featured, both solo and as a team, throughout the set. Being old pals and comrades from the front lines of disco's heyday, the two have oddly not been linked on vinyl until now. As it is, we were both so busy at the time the record was being made that we didn't get to lay down all of our vocals at the same time.

Jumpin' " certainly did not block the infusion of energy ur flavor on the record, thanks in large part to the handiwork of Terry, who just sauntered into the cafe. The affection the women share for the producer was instantly evident. Even worse are the ones who just want you to scream l hey. I know that both Jocelyn and I will give a producer whatever he wants — we're total professionals — but it's a pleasure to be in a situation where your opinions are not only respected but arc requested.

The result of their sessions is per- formances that show the singers in peak weal form, peppering the track with ad libs that have the playful ease of a live performance, "But believe me, baby, the real energy will come once we get onstage together," said Brown, in anticipation of a monthlong spree of club gigs that the two are playing this summer. Next stop? Pop radio. Early reaction at that level is encouraging. The possibility of "Keep On Jump- in' " making the transition into main- stream waters has Wash and Brown smiling, but guardedly so. Both have been down this road before and are apprehensive about uncorking the champagne prematurely.

It can be fulfilling and a lot of fun, but it can't compare to the energy of hanging with a group of musicians. Wash and Brown gracious- ly smiled and waved. Divahood has its demands — and its perks. Eventually, someone was going to shake up the sound and perspective of hi-NRG music. In fact, a few twists and variations are long overdue. After all, how many copy-cat records can the good and patient citizens of clubland endure? The oh-so-videogenic male trio is nabbing attention in both club and radio sectors with "Where Do You Go," an infectious ditty that combines peppy beats, shiny-clean harmonies, and fluttering flamenco guitars.

The cut previews a self-titled album that also mines hip-hop, soul, and classic pop ground. We have come too far to not show the world who we are. His singing and acoustic guitar playing caught the attention of a European talent scout who was looking to assemble a male vocal group. Cintron recalls being asked if he knew of any other singers looking for work. And like me, they had been working and work- ing, just waiting for a break.